CSK: ‘CSK’s Kutty Malinga’ வாய்ப்பு Opportunity to bang in next match: Dhoni Action Result!

The 15th season of IPL is in full swing. In this, the defending champions Chennai Super Kings won only 2 out of the first 8 matches and remained in 9th position.

Many reasons have been put forward for CSKA’s failures, such as the Rudraj farm out, the Citizens issue. However, the primary problem is that fielders continue to miss catches. That and the fact that the best fielders like Jadeja miss easy catches has created a lot of dissatisfaction among the fans.

Continuing to miss catches like this has made team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni unhappy. Twain Pretorius, in particular, has been badly damaged in both bowling and fielding.

Kutty Malinga:

As a result, it has been reported that Dhoni has decided to remove him and field Malinga Madisha Badhirana from Sri Lanka. Badrana was trained alone for this yesterday. He is also a good bowler. Dhoni is considered to have taken such a drastic decision as he will have a chance of making the play-offs if he wins all the upcoming matches.

Pathirana has played in 2 matches so far and has taken 2 wickets. The average is 16.5.

Regression to RCB:

Cricket critics believe that if Pathirana is sacked tomorrow, it will definitely be a major setback for the RCB. The reason is that the RCB batsmen have been struggling to add runs in the last three matches. This can have a devastating effect on the mind. If he hits a different bowler this time, the RCB is likely to take more balls to predict him.

The match between CSK and RCB will be played at the Pune Stadium tomorrow night.