Cricketer Sneha Deepthi: This Mother Is A Role Model For Women Cricketers – Sneha Deepthi Special Story

Cricketer Sneha Deepthi: This Mother Is A Role Model For Women Cricketers – Sneha Deepthi Special Story

Cricketer Sneha Deepthi: Telugu Tejam Sneha Deepthi is known as a good cricketer. However, Delhi Capitals bought 26-year-old Sneha Deepti for Rs 30 lakh in the recent WPL auction. In this order, Sneha Deepti is getting ready to leave her two-year-old daughter and play for India. ABP Desam interviewed Sneha Deepti through video call and revealed many interesting things. 

Reporter: Delhi Capitals camp is all set well. How is it? WPL.. first time this kind of league is happening isn’t it..

Sneha Deepti: Actually very good. And first thanks to BCCI. Bikas has started anchoring women just as men are being anchored. So definitely, if we play in Elite Plus, not only our domestic players, but Indian players will have many chances. Very happy. 

Reporter: I told all the viewers that yours is an inspirational story. We know that inspiration story. You can be proud of that. Our viewers want to hear from you. You should be proud of yourself. Come from any situation. 

Sneha Deepti:  There are tough situations in everyone’s life. How we overcome it is important. I know my story is not that important. This is the story in every woman’s life. At least to go from home to school, if not to achieve any goal, one must have a lot of guts. This is a very big challenge. 

Reporter: But you are a bit modest and humble. Can you tell our viewers anything? So, have we mentioned that the youngest woman cricketer made her debut for India and after that she performed consistently as a domestic player. But in 2019, she understood how important her personal growth is in her professional career. got married And then became a mother. We want to hear from you about your tough journey.

Sneha Deepti: I got married in 2019 thinking about my father. I said yes to the marriage with the intention of not bringing tension to them. 

Reporter: After becoming a mother, what will your career be like, have you thought about playing cricket again?

Sneha Deepti: After two years of marriage I told my parents that I wanted to play cricket. Then Corona came. Just got pregnant. At that time our people told me that you should play cricket again. I gained a lot of weight after pregnancy. I didn’t like myself then. At that time I was under mental pressure.
I used to show anger on everyone. It was at that time that I decided to play cricket again thinking of what I used to be. After that I started training. Again I went to Mangalagiri and took training there. My mother-in-law took care of the baby in Hyderabad. I used to come to Hyderabad on weekends and spend time with my baby. I took training like that for 3-4 months. My association asked me to play matches. I was able to play cricket again with the support of Andhra Cricket Association. 

Reporter: How is the Delhi Capitals camp? What kind of things are you learning from international players?

Sneha Deepti: They are very big stars. But they have none of those feelings. They are very inclusive. Coming together very quickly. I get to know their daily routine very closely. They are also saying a lot. They ask about our baby. They say why not bring him.

Reporter: We sincerely wish you to rise higher, perform well in WPL and play for the country. On behalf of ABP country, we want to play well in WPL. Thank you.

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