Cricket Sri Lanka’s 6 women cricketers positive in Zimbabwe


  • Six Sri Lankan women corona positive
  • The women arrived in Zimbabwe to take part in the World Cup qualifying tournament
  • The Sri Lankan board initiated efforts to bring back all the players

The ICC announced on Saturday that it had canceled the qualifiers for next year’s Women’s World Cup after a new variant of the Corona came up against Omicron in South Africa. However, two matches for the qualifiers were played on Saturday. And now the news is coming that six Sri Lankan women players who participated in the Women’s World Cup qualifying tournament in Zimbabwe have come out positive. The Sri Lanka Cricket Board has confirmed the news.

As soon as the new variant of Corona Omicron was found in South Africa, countries around the world started imposing sanctions once again. Following this, the ICC announced the cancellation of the qualifiers for the Women’s World Cup on Saturday. The decision was taken by the ICC after a member of the Sri Lankan team, Korona, tested positive before the match between the West Indies and Sri Lanka on Saturday. However, today six Sri Lankan women cricketers are also shocked to learn that Corona is positive. However, it is not yet clear whether the Corona Omicron variant of the six Sri Lankan women players.

Efforts are underway to bring back Sri Lankan women players from Zimbabwe, the Sri Lanka Cricket Board said. Travel bans have been imposed on South African countries by a number of countries following the discovery of the Omicron variant. Including Zimbabwe. After canceling the qualifiers for the Women’s World Cup, the ICC said that the team would now qualify based on the rankings. So the teams of Pakistan, Bangladesh and West Indies will qualify for the World Cup. The trio will take part in the World Cup along with New Zealand, Australia, India, England and South Africa. It is worth mentioning that after the new variant of Corona came up in South Africa, there is now a closure on sports. Rugby players and golfers were forced to flee the country after a travel ban struck on Friday.


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