Video chat with friends on IPL 2020 and enjoy on Hotstar ..!

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As the IPL 2020 season draws to a close, millions of fans are enjoying watching matches on Disney + Hotstar. Disney + Hotstar has unveiled a new Future to give fans more fun as playoff matches are juicy compared to the league stage. Disney + Hotstar has now made a new future available to fans who are unable to enjoy matches with friends and family due to the epidemic.

While watching the IPL 2020 season playoff matches and final match live on Disney + Hotstar live, the user just has to click on the ‘Star Video Call’ future that appears below. You can enjoy the match by video chatting with five of your friends and family members through the options found there. Not only does the match continue uninterrupted during the video chat .. there is also the facility to listen to the commentary. The ‘Audio Only’ option is also available if you do not want to watch the video.

Speaking on the future of video chat, Disney + Hotstar Head / President Sunil Ryan said, “We can understand the fun of watching a cricket match with family and friends. But .. in the present circumstances social distance is mandatory. So .. not everyone can stay together and enjoy the match. That is why .. our team has taken this problem as a challenge .. has brought the future of the user to enjoy the match with family and friends, ”he said. The IPL 2020 season ends on November 10 in Dubai with the final.

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