US presidential election .. Archer’s prophecy about Biden six years ago ..!

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Who won the US presidential election ..? This question was asked a week ago but the winner is in no position to say. But Joe Biden If anyone can say that he will become president in 2014 ..? Sounds really great. Rajasthan Royals fast bowler Jofra Archer.. prophesied about Biden six years ago. Prime 21 days lockdown .. In the 2019 ODI World Cup final, along with the super over, 4 sixes in a row, 30 runs in a single over .. Archer predicted a lot of things like this .. Biden prophesied.

Archer’s tweet went viral on October 4, 2014, after Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the U.S. presidential election. Archer tweeted just the word Joe. Netizens who think he’s talking about Biden are asking Archer to tell them if their favorite movie will be a hit or not.

One commented that Jofra’s tweet was not believable. Another commented that Archer was a time traveler. De Villiers, who recently scored 55 off 22 balls against the Rajasthan Royals, went viral with a tweet from Archer in 2015 saying ‘Abby is so special’ after beating Bangalore.

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