The real reason for Rohit Sharma to play a match with SRH has come to light ..!

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The controversy over the injury of Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma during the IPL 2020 season is still ongoing. Rohit Sharma injured his thigh muscle while playing Kings XI Punjab. With that .. Teamindia Physio prepared a report to that effect and handed it over to the Indian selectors after the doctors suggested that he needed at least 2-3 weeks rest. Based on that, the Indian selectors did not include Rohit Sharma in the squad selected for the series against Australia. But within an hour of announcing the team, Rohit Sharma was seen practicing batting comfortably in the nets. From there, Rohit expressed doubts over his injury. Rohit opened his doubts about his fitness by playing in a match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on Tuesday night.

With Mumbai already in the playoffs and remaining at No.1, there is no need for Rohit Sharma to play in a nominal match against Hyderabad. However, why did you play ..? The legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar asked the same question. Even after the match, the commentator questioned Rohit Sharma about the injury. The hitman clarified that he was fully fit. With that .. the BCCI seniors are holding their heads where the real mistake was made. Mumbai Indians will take on Delhi Capitals in Dubai on Thursday night in a qualifier-1 match.

“Rohit Sharma’s fitness ahead of tour of Australia is good news for Indian cricket. In the match against Hyderabad, Rohit Sharma was seen fielding not only in the 30 yard circle but also at the boundary line. Rohit Sharma played in the match against Hyderabad to show the BCCI that he is fit. Wrong in this ..? If Rohit Sharma is to be selected for the Australia tour, will they test his fitness? However .. The fitness of a player recovering from injury can not be fully assessed with just one match. Rohit has to play a few more matches. Did you practice enthusiastically in the nets ..? Can think. But … once in a match, the real fitness of a player is known only when he enters the ring and overcomes the pressure, ā€¯Gavaskar said.

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