Team India open on Australian soil .. Fourth Test in doubt

Team India, which recently faced criticism for breaking the Bio-Secure Bubble Rules on Australian soil, has made it clear that it will not be in the quarantine before the fourth Test. The third Test starts in Sydney on Thursday and the fourth in Brisbane on the 15th of this month. However, with the spread of the corona virus in Sydney over the past few days, the government has said it will stay in Quarantine for a few days after Team India travels to Brisbane for the fourth Test.

Team India, which opposes Australia’s strict rules, has recently proposed holding the fourth Test in Sydney. If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more involved with the expat community here. With that .. now Cricket Australia (CA) is not able to decide anything. What if Indian cricketers come to Brisbane for the fourth Test? It is a known fact that the Cricket Australia elders have recently insisted on following the government rules there. It is known that Indian cricketers have been in the quarantine for 14 days immediately after landing on Australian soil for the series.

“Cricket Australia can play the fourth Test in Sydney or Brisbane. Teamindia has no objection. If the match was held in Brisbane .. let’s admit that Teamindia should be in the quarantine once again. If so the fourth Test should be held in Sydney itself. If that is not possible ..? The four-Test series should be reduced to three Tests. Then Teamindia will go home, ”said a Teamindia management official.