Steve Smith is smart enough to run out in Sydney Test .. Rohit Sharma and more

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Team India senior opener in the third Test against Australia in Sydney Rohit Sharma Narrowly escaped from the runout. On Sunday, the fourth day of the match, Australia set a 407-run target for Team India.

Rohit Sharma tried to hit the ball in Pat Cummins’ 17th over of the innings. But .. the ball that could not be found by the bat touched his fade and went into the slip. Australia appealed for LBW out. Rohit Sharma, who went a little outside the crease in order to play the shot, stopped looking at the umpire. However, Australia’s appeal was rejected by the field umpire. But .. Rohit Sharma who sensed Smith’s intention slowly pushed his foot into the crease by the time the ball touched the wickets.

Rohit Sharma was the first Australian to appeal for LBW out. He immediately appealed for a runout. With that. The field umpires reported the matter to the third umpire for a final decision. With that .. Australia’s happiness evaporated. But after a half-century, Rohit Sharma was bowled out by Pat Cummins in order to increase his aggression.