SRH: Warner announces Sunrisers game plan in playoff .. History repeats!

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The IPL 2020 has reached a spectacularly resounding playoffs. The Orange Army could not score 127 runs in the match against Punjab. In the next three matches, they defeated the strong teams of Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. It not only reached the playoffs with three consecutive wins but also finished third in the points table. Once again, the Sunrisers will win the title if they beat all three teams. The Sunrisers, who are in a position to win three matches in a row in 2016 .. won the cup that year. So far, Hyderabad are the only team to finish third or fourth in the league stage and win the title. Fans hope the Sunrisers will repeat this feat of 2016. The Sunrisers lost to all four teams that reached the playoffs this season. The Orange Army, which lost twice to Kolkata, lost one match each to Punjab, Chennai and Rajasthan. The Sunrisers set a record as the first team to reach the top-4, beating 4 teams to reach the playoffs. After winning the match against Mumbai … he tweeted saying thanks to everyone who supported them. Warner said he would hit the cup if he climbed three more steps … he said he would climb each step. Before reaching the Sunrisers playoffs, Laxman said, “We are aiming to win the last three matches of the league stage, one match at a time.” He praised the whole team for playing wonderfully.

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