Saini Beamer: Finch .. Is the box broken ..? Rahul, Aussie captain funny scene!

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The funny incident took place in the second ODI between India and Australia. Beamer Finch was hit on the stomach by Navdeep Saini in the 11.5th over of the innings. Finch was in pain when the ball, which was thrown at a speed of 145.6 km per hour, hit him hard. But luckily the blow didn’t hit big. Saini immediately apologized to the Aussie captain and wicketkeeper-spinner Chahal ran towards the batsmen. Rahul took the initiative .. where did the blow hit ..? On the stomach or slightly below ..? Finch smiled and put his hand on his stomach. Finch smiled as if he was doing something and took Rahul’s hand .. Rahul threw a punch into his stomach. The commentators also laughed at the scene. The umpire declared Noble as the ball came high. Finch, who could not even make a single for a free hit ball, replaced the next short ball with a boundary half. During the drinks break at the end of 15 overs..finch ok ..? Commentators jokingly questioned Warner. The Warner-Finch duo, who added 156 for the first wicket in the first ODI, are playing more aggressively in this match. Warner hit a half-century off 39 balls. By the end of 18 overs, the Aussies were 113 not out.

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