Rules break .. Field umpire assists SRH captain in match against Delhi

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The mistakes of the field umpires continue during the IPL 2020 season. Nitin Menon’s short run decision has already been discussed. Recently, another field umpire, Anil Chowdhury, was criticized for violating the rules and helping Marri Sunrisers Hyderabad captain David Warner. Sunrisers Hyderabad won the match by 88 runs against Delhi Capitals in Dubai on Tuesday night.

What actually happened ..? Fast bowler Sandeep Sharma bowled the 17th over of the innings as Delhi Capitals batsman Ravichandran Ashwin tried to flick the ball. But .. the ball hit the edge of his bat and then hit the fads. However .. Sunrisers Hyderabad loudly appealed for LBW out. Field umpire Anil Chowdhury, who rejected the appeal, immediately signaled that the ball had hit the bat. With that .. there was no need to ask Sunrisers captain David Warner for a review.

In fact according to the rules the field umpire should not disclose the reason for his ‘not out’ decision. Sunrisers say 15 seconds after the deadline to request DRS .. No matter. But before asking for a review, the field umpire revealed the reason for his not out. With that .. David Warner did not go to the review. Overall .. Match commentators also broke their lip on Anil Chowdhury’s attitude.

What else do the rules say ..? Players are not allowed to discuss with the umpire before the end of the DRS request time (15 seconds) after the umpire’s decision has been announced. Likewise the umpire should not disclose the reason for his decision under any circumstances. But .. Anil Chowdhury broke the rules here.

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