RR vs KXIP: Achcham is like this .. What if Punjab wins ..? Lucky chance passed!

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Punjab, which started the season with a series of defeats, then went on to win five matches in a row and advance to the playoffs. The all-rounder impressed with his performance, retaliating against every team that beat him. But Punjab broke Rajasthan for a series of victories. Punjab scored 185 in the match. Rajasthan kept the playoff hopes alive by hitting the target in 17.3 overs.

If Punjab wins this match, the chances of that team reaching the playoffs will be much better. That would add up to 14 points on the team account. If you win the last match .. with 16 points, regardless of the other equations, not only in the top-4, but also in the top-3. If Punjab had won the match in Abu Dhabi instead of Rajasthan in 17.3 overs, it would have been able to reach the second position in the points table. But with the loss .. the playoff race became more juicy.

Punjab lost Mandeep Singh early in the match. But the Rahul-Chris Gayle duo added 120 for the second wicket. Gayle scored 99 off 63 balls while Rahul scored 46 off 41 balls. Maxwell scored just six off six balls in a position to make a huge hit at the end. If Rahul and Maxi had played faster, Punjab would have scored over 200 runs. But they scored only 185 runs and lost in 17.3 overs. As a result, the team’s net run rate also dropped from -0.05 to -0.15.

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