Rohit Sharma: Rohit is fit .. This is great news, everything is unnecessary: ​​Sunny

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The topic of fitness has now become a hot topic in cricket circles. The BCCI had earlier said that Rohit was ruled out of the tour of Australia due to injury. Coach Ravi Shastri, who did not know about Rohit’s injury, tried to say that he had nothing to do with the affair. The BCCI has announced that Hitman will need to rest for 2-3 weeks. Within hours of Ganguly saying that Rohit was not fit, the hitman entered the ring in an IPL match and surprised everyone. Rohit has been sidelined for three IPL matches due to injury. Pollard replaces him as captain. The match against Sunrisers is nominal for Mumbai. With this, it was thought that Rohit would also be away for this match. But Rohit unexpectedly stepped into the ring and surprised everyone. Even though he was out for a low score .. he did not have any trouble during fielding. With this, the topic of Rohit Fitness came to the fore once again. “It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. All in all, the fact that Rohit is fit is great news for Indian cricket, “said Sunil Gavaskar. “If Rohit is in a hurry to play again, it is only right that everyone should be worried that he will get injured again. But he looked confident. He was fielding near the 30-yard circle, near the boundary line, ”Gavaskar recalled. “No matter how fit you look in the nets, there will be no pressure but we will be under pressure in the match. If you play the match, you will know how fit you are. Captain, vice captain is not going to be an issue. The key is to have a player available, ”Gavaskar said.

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