RCB ‘green signal’ .. Is it difficult for Kohli Sena to reach the final this time ..?

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It is known that Royal Challengers Bangalore lost the match against Chennai Super Kings. In this match, the Bangalore team went into the ring with a green jersey. RCB has been playing green jersey in one match every season since 2011. Kohli Sena wore a green jersey during the match against Delhi Capitals last year. Kohli’s side have won just two of their green jersey appearances since 2011.

Kohli Sena won over Kochi Tuskers in 2011. In 2016 they won over Gujarat Lions. It is a privilege to reach the RCB Finals in both these seasons. It may be a coincidence that Kohli Sena reached the final of the year winning the Green Jersey matches. If the RCB does not reach the final this time, will it become a sentiment for the team?

Why Green Jersey ..

Bangalore annually wears a green jersey to promote the ‘Go Green’ initiative. Go Green aims to promote the environment and plant breeding. RCB also intends to raise awareness about recycling. The green jerseys worn by Kohli Sena are made of recycled plastic.

Pollution can be controlled by reducing (recycling), recycling (recycling), and reusing (reusing).

RCB wore a green jersey in the 2016 match against Gujarat Lions. Kohli reached the stadium on team bicycles for the match. The franchise has set up CNG Autos for fans. Kohli wears a green jersey and presents a plant annually to his rival team captain.

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