Ravindra Jadeja Bullet Throw .. Steve Smith Runout in Sydney Test

Team India all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has once again proved that he has not turned his back on the field. Ravindra Jadeja took four wickets in the third Test against Australia in Sydney. Australia were all out for 338 in the first innings. Steve Smith’s last wicket.

Steve Smith, who continued batting today with an overnight individual score of 31, played aggressively alongside the Thailanders. Not counting any of the Indian bowlers .. He batted freely in all bowling. Steve Smith, who received the 27th Test century mark of his career in this order .. was even more provocative at the end. Most importantly .. he took responsibility for not giving more strikes to the Thailanders. But .. that was the only thing that bothered him.

Jaspreet Bumra bowled the 106th over of the innings as Steve Smith attempted to hit the ball towards the point. But .. the ball that touched the edge of the bat flew towards the backward square leg. With that .. Steve Smith who completed the single .. boldly called Hazlewood (1 not out: 6 balls) for a double for striking. However .. Jadeja received the ball fast from the square leg and threw it directly towards the wickets towards the wicket keeper end. Rahane had already reached there for the ball to the wickets .. The ball was coming straight on the stumps and did not touch it. Smith was far from the crease by the time the ball touched the wickets.