Racism row in Sydney: Siraj targets Sydney again: Captain Rahane complains to umpires

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Cricket fans in the country once again made racist remarks against Team India fast bowler Mohammad Siraj during the third Test against Australia in Sydney. Sunday is the fourth day of the game Mohammad Siraj In bowling, Cameroon Green (84: 132 off 8×4, 4×6) hit back-to-back sixes. As soon as the over was over, Siraj went to field at the boundary line. A group sitting in the stands made racist remarks on Siraj. With that .. Siraj brought the matter to the attention of captain Ajinkya Rahane .. Rahane complained to the field umpires in his capacity as captain.

The umpires who stopped the match for a while with Rahane’s complaint .. where are those who made those racist remarks sitting ..? Siraj questioned Rahane. With that .. both of them clearly showed the group to the umpires. The field umpire immediately went to the boundary line and informed the police there. Police went to the crowd and interrogated them, ordering six people to leave the stadium. If one of the four of them left without speaking .. only two of them would argue and move on from there. Bottles of alcohol were found in the hands of those two. News is coming that the group has called Siraj ‘Monkey’.

On Saturday, the third day of the game, Jaspreet Bumra and Mohammad Siraj were subjected to similar racist remarks by the fans. With that .. Team India complained to the match referee after the match .. It is noteworthy that the fans there once again launched a similar verbal attack while the comments were being investigated.