Pujara Target .. Australia captain fined for clashing with umpire

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Australia captain Tim Paine has been fined for arguing with a field umpire during the third Test against India in Sydney. On Saturday, the third day of the game, Chateshwar Pujara sought DRS for the wicket Tim Paine.. got into an argument with field umpire Wilson when the decision came against him. With that, Wilson finally had to warn, “I’m not the third umpire.”

What actually happened ..? In the 56th over of the innings, spinner Nathan Lion bowled Chateshwar Pujara (5×4 off 50: 176 balls) to try to push the ball forward. But .. he unexpectedly turned, the bouncing ball went from the side of the bat and hit Pujara’s body .. then bounced into the gall on the short leg. Matthew Wade, who was fielding there, received the ball as a catch. Australia appealed for an out. But .. field umpire Wilson rejected that out appeal. With that .. Australia captain Tim Payne asked for DRS.

The hotspot did not appear on the sniko meter as the ball touched the bat in the reply. With that .. the third umpire Bruce Oxenfort could not come to a final decision .. the decision was left to the field umpire. With Wilson already out, he’s committed to the same decision. Tim Payne has lost his temper and is on the field. Umpire Wilson, who overheard Payne’s words, first tried to correct him. But .. Tim Paine did not listen and finally had to retaliate angrily.

The field umpires complained to match referee David Boone about Tim Payne’s behavior. He also added a demerit point to the above account. A maximum of 50% match fee will be levied under Level-1 error. The referee also has the authority to award one or two demerit points.