One more name for Alim Dar in umpiring, Rudy Curtzen’s record of umpiring broke in most ODIs

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Aleem Dar (Aleem dar record) On Sunday here in Pakistan and Zimbabwe (Pakistan vs Zimbabwe) Created a new record of playing the role of on-field umpire in most matches in one-day international cricket. This is Dar’s 210th ODI match as an umpire.

Many records for Dar
The 52-year-old umpire from Pakistan broke the record of umpiring in the most ODI matches of South Africa’s Rudy Curtzen. Dar also holds the record of umpiring in most Test matches. He overtook Jamaica’s Steve Buckner by umpiring in the 132nd match between Australia and New Zealand in Perth in December last year. Dar has also a record of umpiring in the most international matches (387).

Umpiring in 46 T20 Internationals as well
He has also officiated in 46 T20 Internationals and is three matches behind compatriot Ahsan Raza. Dar said in a statement released by the ICC, ‘It is an honor to be on the top of the umpires’ list in both Test and ODI. When I started, I never thought that I would go so far. All I can say is that I enjoyed every moment on the field and learning remained a continuous process during this time.

ICC Umpires for last 16 years
Dar played first-class cricket in Pakistan for a decade. He was an all-rounder. He then started umpiring. His first international match as an umpire was an ODI played between Pakistan and Sri Lanka in Gujranwala in February 2000. He is the umpire of the ICC Elite Panel for the last 16 years.

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