New Zealand Cricket Director as ICC Chairman

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The new boss has arrived at the ICC. Shashank Manohar from our country is replaced by New Zealand Greg Barclay Will take over as ICC Chairman. Barclay, a commercial lawyer, has been the director of New Zealand cricket since 2012. Greg will be the second independent chairman of the ICC after Shashank.

Barclay, who is New Zealand’s cricket representative on the ICC board, is stepping down. With Manohar’s two-year term coming to an end in July, Imran Khawaja is temporarily taking over the responsibilities. Khawaja and Greg competed for the chairmanship. In the first round, Barclays received 10 votes and Khawaja 6 votes. With South Africa voting for Barclays in the next round, he was elected chairman with a two-thirds majority under ICC rules.

Barclays was the director of the 2015 Men’s World Cup. He has worked as a director in many companies in New Zealand and Australia. Barclay thanked the ICC directors for their election as ICC chairman. He said he would work for the development of cricket.

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