Mumbai happy with Chennai win … Chennai saddened by Mumbai defeat .. for the first time in IPL!

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As the most successful teams in IPL history Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings. The rivalry between the two teams means that the Twitter war between the fans will be at a range. If our team is great .. Fans say that our team is great. Not only that .. if Mumbai fans troll Dhoni … Chennai fans will make Rohit Eddeva. But on Sunday, the opposite happened.

While Mumbai fans enjoyed Chennai’s win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai’s defeat to Rajasthan hurt Chennai fans. One team wins … because it affects another team.
If Bangalore wins over Chennai, Kohli Sena will top the points table with 16 points. If the same happens .. Mumbai Indians in the top will fall to the second place. But with the victory of Chennai, Mumbai Indians retained the top spot in the points table.

The Chennai fans wanted the Mumbai Indians to win the match against the Rajasthan Royals. If Mumbai won .. Chennai’s chances of reaching the playoffs would have been alive. With this, Super Kings fans stood in support of Mumbai. Hardik Pandya enjoyed kissing the sixes and sparkling. But with Ben Stokes’ unbeaten century, the 196-run target melted away, leaving Mumbai and Chennai fans disappointed. With the defeat of Mumbai .. Chennai fans are upset with their playoff chances.

Mumbai fans want Chennai to win .. Netizens are commenting that this is probably the first time in the IPL that Chennai fans are praying for Mumbai to win.

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