KXIP: ‘Rahul rises as captain .. Punjab credit for Punjab victories’

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Kings XI Punjab, who lost their opening matches in IPL 2020 in a row, have bounced back wonderfully in the second round. Punjab was disappointed to lose the matches to be won in the first phase … After reaching the crucial stage of the IPL .. In the matches where defeat was inevitable, they won with a fantastic fight. Kings XI Punjab Legendary cricketer and commentator Sunil Gavaskar responded to the impressive performance.

Gavaskar believes that Punjab writing has changed due to the militancy of coach Anil Kumble along with the captaincy of KL Rahul. Punjab, which has lost five matches in a row, has bounced back wonderfully since then. It finished fifth in the points table with 10 points from four consecutive wins. If a similar performance is seen in the other three matches .. the team has a chance to reach the playoffs.

‘They found a way to win. They were unable to win early in the tournament. Each time they came closer to victory and flew away. In the first match, he was bowled in a super over. Then they lost in the last overs, ”Gavaskar said.

‘They have played wonderfully in the last few matches. Punjab, who scored 126 in the match against Sunrisers on Saturday, won by 12 runs. The Punjab players believed strongly in themselves. Rahul is leading the team wonderfully. Rahul rose to captain. Gavaskar lauded Rahul for setting the field and changing the bowling.

‘Do not forget the role of Anil Kumble in Punjab victories. Throughout his cricket career he fought. He entered the ring in a match against the West Indies with a jaw injury. Gavaskar lauded the same bravery seen in Kings XI Punjab. Gavaskar lauded Rahul and Kumble for Punjab’s resurgence in the impossible conditions and for making it to the playoffs.

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