Kolkata misses playoff chance by five runs

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For joining the playoffs this season Kolkata Knight Riders Waited until the end but did not get the result. IPL 2020 At the end of the league stage, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders have 14 points each. But Hyderabad (0.608) with a better net run rate finished third in the points table. Royal Challengers Bangalore qualified for the playoffs with a net run rate of -0.172. Kolkata had to settle for fifth place with a net run rate of -0.214. That means the Knight Riders lost their chance to reach the playoffs by just -0.04.

The Kolkata Knight Riders did not focus on net run rate as much as they did on victories. Fans are voicing that Kolkata has exited the playoff race due to a single no ball. In the match against Chennai, Ferguson bowled no ball and scored 20 runs in the 19th over. With this, Chennai won. Fans say otherwise Kolkata would have reached second or third place with 16 points.

Kolkata were thrashed by Bangalore by 82 runs this season. Fans are worried that Kolkata will reach the playoffs if they lose by at least 76 runs. Rajasthan scored 131 in the last match against Kolkata. But it’s good to be limited to 110 runs. Kolkata thrashed Mumbai in 4 matches against Bangalore. Despite scoring more than five runs in these matches .. Kolkata net run rate would have been better than Bangalore .. Then they want to reach the playoffs.

Kolkata had a good chance of reaching the playoffs last season with a net run rate gap. By the end of the 2019 IPL league phase, Sunrisers, Kolkata and Punjab had scored 12 points. But the Sunrisers reached the playoffs with a net run rate of 0.577 .. Kolkata with a net run rate of 0.028 .. Punjab with a net run rate of -0.251 finished fifth and sixth.

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