KKR: Kolkata is in trouble with the change of captaincy .. Morgan Magic Missing ..!

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Despite changing the captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders in the middle of the IPL 2020 season, the team’s game has not changed. A few hours before the match against Mumbai, Dinesh Karthik relinquished the Kolkata captaincy. England captain Ian Morgan took over the captaincy. But even after that the Knight Riders trend has not changed. Kolkata lost the match against Mumbai by a landslide. In the match against Sunrisers, Ferguson Punyama won in the super over.

After that Kolkata lost by 8 wickets to Bangalore .. Punjab and Chennai lost two matches in a row. By the time Dinesh Karthik relinquished the reins of captaincy, Kolkata’s performance was good. The team won by 10 runs and 2 runs against Chennai and Punjab respectively. Ranked fourth in the points table with 4 wins from seven matches. But when Morgan took over the captaincy, he won only two of the six matches.

Kolkata bowlers have emerged victorious in the last seven matches. Not a single wicket was taken in the first six overs. Despite knowing that the snow will have an impact in the match against Chennai .. changing five bowlers in the power play .. preferring to control the batsmen without taking runs .. rather than taking wickets. If Chennai had lost one or two wickets in the beginning, the pressure would have increased. But Kolkata lost the match due to tactical mistakes. Choosing to bat before Morgan, who won the toss in the match against Bangalore, turned out to be a big mistake.

The Kolkata bowlers, who bowled brilliantly in the last overs against Chennai and Punjab and won the matches, have been revealed recently. The effect of the snow and the aggression of the opposing batsmen may also be a factor. But .. Captain tactics and fielding deployment work for the team in such difficult situations. But Morgan’s tactics are faltering. After changing the captain in a hurry in the middle of the season .. it does not seem that he has shifted to Kolkata. Former cricketers like Pragyan Ojha have been critical of Morgan’s captaincy.

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