IPL Playoffs: Unexpected twist in the playoff race .. Lucky chance for Sunrisers, Esar for Delhi?

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A solid win by 88 runs in the match against Delhi as part of IPL 2020 Sunrisers Hyderabad The playoffs kept the chances alive. The Sunrisers, who batted first in the match played in Dubai, scored 219 for the loss of 2 wickets while the Delhi Capitals were all out for 131 runs. The Sunrisers’ net run rate also improved with a solid win over Delhi.

Mumbai and Bangalore will meet this evening (October 28). The winning team in this match will officially advance to the playoffs. With the other six teams playing only two more matches, the Sunrisers will have a chance to reach the playoffs if they perform similarly in the next two matches. There are two ways Sunrisers can reach the playoffs. Let’s look at Avento.

Case 1: Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, who are in the top-3 in the points table, are expected to reach the playoffs. Punjab, Kolkata, Sunrisers and Rajasthan are currently vying for the fourth spot. Punjab and Kolkata are 12 points ahead. Both teams must play in at least one of the two upcoming matches. At the same time, the Orange Army must win the other two matches. Even if Rajasthan wins the next two matches … Sunrisers will qualify for the playoffs based on a better net run rate. In case 1, Rajasthan and Chennai Super Kings will play the next two matches against Punjab and Kolkata. So .. winning both the next matches will help the Sunrisers.

Case 2: If one of the Punjab and Kolkata teams (for example Punjab) wins both the matches, they will reach the playoffs regardless of any equations. Sunrisers still have a chance to reach the playoffs. Anyway … there are only 14 points in the accounts of the 3 teams in the top-3. If one of the teams from Bangalore or Delhi loses all the matches to be played later, the Sunrisers will reach the playoffs with the help of a better net run rate.

Bangalore will not face Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi in the next matches. Delhi Capitals will face Mumbai and Bangalore. For example, the Delhi Capitals, who have lost the last three matches, will play Mumbai and Bangalore in the next two matches. If the Sunrisers win the next two matches, they will advance to the Orange Army playoffs.

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