IPL 2020 title is Sunrisers .. Young astrologer’s prediction .. All predictions on IPL are true!

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Which team will win the cup in IPL 2020? Pony is the team to reach the final ..? Can’t say right now. Whether Mumbai Indians are considered as title favorites, it is impossible to predict what will happen in the final matches. Mumbai, The last team to reach the playoffs before the Sunrisers match is also something that is not clear. But a young astrologer predicts a Sunrisers Cup. He said that not now .. Long before the start of the IPL .. He said this on July 27.

On July 27, Mithul said that Kohli would play as an average player in the IPL this season. Kings XI Punjab and Chennai Super Kings would not reach the playoffs. Rajasthan Royals would be at the bottom of the points table. He made it clear that the Kolkata Knight Riders would not reach the playoffs.
He ticked off the truth of what he has said so far.
Mithul’s tweet went viral on social media. Sunrisers fans are hoping that their team will give him the cup. The young man, who is a big fan of Kohli, has a huge following on Twitter.


Mithul’s Twitter bio says, ‘Modern day astrologer, I do not guess .. I will write scripts’. It seems that his is Ahmedabad City. It is noteworthy that he used Telugu words in some tweets and also replied in Telugu.

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