IPL 2020 Playoffs: Six teams compete for three playoff berths .. Whose chances are?

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After beating Kolkata by Chennai .. Mumbai Indians became the first team to reach the playoffs in IPL 2020. Chennai Super Kings have already exited the playoff race. The other six teams are vying for three playoff places. Royal Challengers Bangalore have almost reached the playoffs. The seventh-ranked Rajasthan Royals, despite looking weak, are still vying for a place in the top-4. With only seven matches left in the league stage … let’s take a look at the playoffs and the chances of the teams.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Bangalore, who have lost the last two matches, will reach the playoffs regardless of their net run rate. Bangalore will take on Delhi and Hyderabad in the next matches. If RCB wins in both these matches, it will be in the top-2 in the points table. Even if you can’t win a single match, you will be in the top 4 based on the results of other teams.

Delhi Capitals: Like RCB, Delhi Capitals are third with 14 points. With the net run rate being low .. Delhi is in third place. If you win the other two matches .. Capitals will be in the top-2. Winning only one match qualifies for the playoffs but may not make the top-2. Odina is likely to remain in the top-4 in the other two matches but will be affected by the victories of the other teams.

Kings XI Punjab: With Kolkata at the hands of Chennai .. Punjab has already secured the fourth position. If Punjab wins the other two matches, it will remain in the top-4. If Punjab wins only one match .. Net run rate will play a key role. Losing both matches will make it difficult to stay in the top-4.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Kolkata will play only one more league match this season. With this, the Knight Riders will have a chance to reach the playoffs if they win this match. Punjab will play the other two matches at the same time. Sunrisers will have to play at least one match.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: With a net run rate of +0.396, the Sunrisers are hoping for a playoff berth. The Orange Army will face RCB, Mumbai in the next matches. With the Sunrisers winning these two matches, Punjab will have a chance to reach the playoffs if they lose one match. But even if they lose a single match, the Sunrisers’ playoff chances will be closed.

Rajasthan Royals: Joining the Smith Sena playoffs was a difficult task. The team has a net run rate of -0.505. Rajasthan need to win big in the other two matches. Moreover, Punjab should not score more than 14 points. Rajasthan will take home the title if they lose a single match.

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