IPL 2020: Mumbai strategy again a super ‘hit’ .. those 24 balls are the target

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How to end matches in IPL ..? Isn’t it an exaggeration that no other team knows what the Mumbai Indians know ..! Even if the wickets of the openers fell in the first power play .. even if the score slowed down in the middle overs .. only Mumbai paid to keep a huge score on the scoreboard by the end of the innings. Mumbai, who batted first in the qualifier-1 match against Delhi Capitals in Dubai on Thursday night, were 140/5 at the end of 16 overs. But .. ended the innings with 200/6. I mean .. in the last 4 overs, the team scored 60 runs. Records show that in the latest season, especially in slog overs (16-20), no team like Mumbai has been able to play aggressively. How much is that ..? The Mumbai team has hit 55 fours and 56 sixes so far this year in slog overs. No other team is even close to that.

In fact, at the start of the latest IPL season, Mumbai all-rounder Kieran Pollard made his slog overs strategy clear to his opponents. However, it seems that Delhi Capitals did not come up with a proper game plan for Thursday night’s match. Most importantly .. Ishant Kishan (55 not out: 4×4, 3×6 off 30 balls) and Hardik Pandya (37 not out: 5×6 off 14 balls) paid the price by throwing fulltas balls while the pair were batting. With that .. in the last 18 balls, the pair scored 55 runs together. Rabada, who bowled the 19th over of the innings, hit slow deliveries of 139 km and 121 km per hour in the first two overs to tie Hardik Pandya. He converted both into sixes. With that .. then he threw the balls at a speed of 140, 145 km. But .. the damage had already been done.

Nortez, who bowled the last over, also bowled a slow ball to Hardik at a speed of 122 kmph. After that, he hit the ball again at a speed of 148 km .. Hardik, who was already in full swing, hit a six without leaving it. On the whole, the Delhi bowlers, who resorted to slow ball tactics to tie Hardik, paid the price with huge sixes. Ishant Kishan, on the other hand, batted slowly at first. How much is that ..? In the first 14 balls he made 11 runs. It does not even have a boundary. But .. Ishaan hit four fours and three sixes in the last 16 balls .. scored 44 runs in one over.

Mumbai Indians will stick to either Hardik Pandya or Kieran Pollard for the slog overs. In the match against Delhi too, Hardik Pandya was sent back in the batting order. With that .. Hardik Pandya turned the match around in just three overs. Delhi Capitals were limited to 143/8 in the chase. Mumbai won the match and advanced directly to the final.

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