IPL 2020: How to calculate net run rate ..?

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Sunrisers Hyderabad qualified for the playoffs in IPL 2019 with just 12 points. At the end of the last match of the league stage, Sunrisers, Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders were tied at 12 points each. But with a net run rate gap, Hyderabad qualified for the next stage. There are indications that the net run rate will be crucial in reaching the playoffs this season as well. Currently (as of the evening of October 28) the points of the three teams in the top-3 in the points table are the same. While Mumbai is in the top due to better net run rate, Delhi is in the third position.

Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders account for 12 points .. Punjab is in fourth place with a better net run rate. Sunrisers are also ahead of Hyderabad and Rajasthan due to their net run rate. Let’s see how to calculate the net run rate in IPL as the net run rate is likely to become crucial once again to reach the playoffs.

If Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Capitals take the match .. Sunrisers scored 219 runs. Divide 219 by 20 (overs) for the Orange Army run rate to 10.95.

Delhi Capitals were all out for 133 in 19 overs. Even if a team is all out in the IPL, 20 overs are considered to calculate the net run rate. For Delhi run rate, 133 divided by 20 gives 6.65. But in chasing, if a team wins before 20 overs … the overs played are taken into consideration.

In this match, if Sunrisers subtracts the net run rate from 10.95 to 6.65, Delhi will get the Orange Army net run rate. The Sunrisers net run rate in this match will be + 4.3, while the Delhi net run rate will be – 4.3.

Teams play a lot of matches in a tournament like the IPL. So .. if you want to calculate the net run rate of a team throughout the tournament .. the total number of overs played by that team, along with the runs scored .. the number of overs scored for the opposing teams and the number of runs submitted to the opposing teams.

Net run rate = (Total runs scored in the tournament – Total runs scored in the tournament) / (Total overs played in the tournament – Overs played by opponents in the tournament)

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