Interesting development in IPL 2020 .. Dinesh Karthik speaking in Telugu, umpire

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Fewer Telugu cricketers are playing in IPL 2020. Ambati Rayudu and Mohammad Siraj are the only APs playing in the IPL from Telangana. Despite the presence of players like Hanuma Vihari and Prithviraj Yarra, they did not get a place in the final squad. Most of the players from our neighboring Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are playing in the IPL. With this it is natural for them to speak in their mother tongue.

But in IPL 2020, a umpire and a cricketer who are not native speakers of Telugu spoke in Telugu and were surprised. Dinesh Karthik and umpire Shamshuddin spoke in Telugu during the match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings. While batting Kolkata .. Sam Karan bowled in the 19th over of the innings. When Karan throws the fifth ball away for wickets .. Karthik batting .. Is it a wide ball ..? Asked the umpire.

Responding to that, umpire Shamshuddin replied, “It is very inside. Umpire Shamshuddin was born and raised in Hyderabad and is fluent in Telugu. Since Dinesh Karthik is from Chennai .. he can also speak Telugu. In the past, Karthik went to SP Baloo’s house and sang his favorite songs. When Balasubramanian died before all other cricketers Dinesh Karthik Responded.
Dinesh Karthik can speak Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi and English. A netizen said that he speaks those languages ​​with another person as per the context. Another said that Karthik comes from a Telugu family.

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