IND vs AUS: Hands, legs, ribs hurt

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The third test of the 2020-21 series between India and Australia has been recorded in the pages of history. The injured lions of Team India blunted the aggression of the Kangaroos with their spirit. The dressing room of the Indian cricket team at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) with five injured cricketers looks like a hospital ward. Despite this, Cheteshwar Pujara, Rishabh Pant, Hanuma Vihari, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin… The way they batted, they made everyone their admirer. When the opportunity came on the fifth day of the Test match, not a single one stepped back. One-fourth of the Indian team consumed medicines to reduce pain. Some had to be injected but there was no hesitation in facing Australian pacers. Vihari and Ashwin managed to draw the match.

Sunil Gavaskar praised the spirit

Cheteshwar Pujara’s reply to the critics

Cheteshwar Pujara, who scored more than 35 balls in the first innings and scored less than 35 runs, was on target. Australian commentators had criticized Pujara’s ‘slow batting’ on-air. The specialty of Pujara is that he gives every answer with his bat. On the last day of the Sydney Test, when India had to bat all day to save the match, the same fans who had been listening to Pujara till yesterday were hopeful that Pujara would bat in his own style. Pujara did the same. Played 205 balls and scored 77 runs. Most importantly, together with Rishabh Pant, they formed a partnership that further reduced Australia’s chances of winning. During this time, Pujara also completed 6,000 runs in a test career.

Pant was not even drinking water himself

Assess Rishabh Pant’s condition with the fact that when the drinks were broken, he himself was not drinking even water. The Substitute placed the bottle in his mouth so that he would not have to emphasize his arm. When lunch was over, Pant left his helmet and gloves on the pitch. Pant’s passion was also appreciated by the Indian dressing room. Pant batting at high speed and scored 97 runs as Nathan Lion.

Ashwin could not even sit in the dressing room

The player of the Indian team whose job is to take wickets, not batting. Ashwin has a rib injury. He also had a pain in his shoulder. Was not even going to sit in the dressing room but when Pant was out, he picked up the bat and walked away. He kept getting some relief by calling the physio in between but did not leave the crease. Pat Cummins, Josh Hazlewood and Mitchell Starc kept the balls on the body but did not do it. The situation also came when he and Hanuma Vihari were exchanging Thai pads among themselves.

Vihari may not play in next test

Hanuma Vihari has a hamstring stretch. He is unable to run but cannot get a runner. At the crease with Ashwin, Vihari decided to bear the pain when physio Nitin Patel asked if he could play in this condition. Vihari’s injury is such that he will not be able to play in the next Test but he has probably put his career at stake to save the match.

Ball on ball, Vihari just defended

Hanuma Vihari rarely shows the kind of vitality he saw on the Sydney grounds. By the time the news was written, he had played more than 100 balls and scored only 7 runs. Reason, cannot run due to pain and does not want to lose wicket by playing shot. In this innings, Vihari has also achieved the record of the second slowest strike rate by playing more than 100 balls within Test cricket.

Physio kept on coming to the field again and again

Ravichandran Ashwin and Hanuma Vihari spent almost three hours at the crease. One by one the Australian bowlers kept coming and going. In between, the two kept calling the physio, changing the pads, taking medicines but did not leave the field.

Jadeja ready for batting by injecting

Ravindra Jadeja’s left thumb is not in place. He has been ruled out of the first two Tests in the series against England. But look at the spirit, if it is needed today, you will come down to the Sydney ground to bat with an injection. Fans are praying that they do not need it.

This picture of Tim Paine says a lot

Mitchell Starc off Tim Paine, caught by Hanuma Vihari. Penn missed three catches in this innings, which Australia suffered.