If the bouncers meet that he is short .. Sachin bent the bowlers’ necks with that shot

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Sachin Tendulkar Playing shots artistically is very delightful. Straight drive, back foot punch, cover drive, flick shot, on drive, hook shot .. Any shot like this will double its beauty if caught by Sachin Bat. As long as Sachin is batting, it makes you want to keep your eyes peeled. Shot invented by master blaster Sachin Tendulkar Upper cut. Fast bowlers were approached by bouncers to easily put Sachin, who was short in stature, in the basket. The answer to them is the shot upper cut that Sachin invented.

Tendulkar made his Upper Cut shot for the first time in bowling Mukhiya Ntini during the 2002 tour of South Africa. With the fast bowlers repeatedly throwing bouncers on the safari pitches adapting to the pace .. if the ball was going higher than himself .. the master blaster came up with the idea. While getting the ball up .. if you play it from the bottom up .. it seems that with the help of the pace it can be played towards the third man gracefully. With this, Sachin took out the upper cut arrow .. After that he disturbed many bowlers with his trademark shot.

In fact, Sachin played the shot directly in the match without practicing in the nets. Tendulkar made the revelation while answering a question posed by a fan named Anuraj Ande during a recent question and answer session with fans on behalf of Ask Sachin. Bloemfontein said he first played an upper cut shot in a Test match against South Africa in 2002 at the Fountain venue.

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