If Rohit Sharma is not made the captain, the loss is to the country and not to him: Gambhir sensational remarks

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The demand to make Rohit Sharma the captain of team India in limited overs cricket has been heard since time immemorial. When Rohit gave the Mumbai Indians the IPL title for the fifth time, this demand came to the fore once again. After Mumbai won the IPL final, former England captain Michael Vaughan tweeted that Rohit should be made the team captain in the T20s. He said he did not want any ambiguity in this regard.

The latest is a former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir Also brought the same demand to the screen. In ODIs or T20s, Gambhir demanded that the captaincy be handed over to Rohit in both formats if possible. Gambhir made sensational remarks that the country would not have lost if Rohit had not been made captain.

‘We always say that Dhoni is the most successful Indian captain. Because … he has won two World Cups and three IPL titles, ”said Gambhir. Rohit has won five IPL titles. Gauti recalled that he was the most successful captain in IPL history.

Gambhir said it would be a shame if Rohit Sharma was not made the Indian captain at least in the T20s. He can lead the team to victory if he is given the responsibilities of captain. Gambhir said that if Rohit was not captained in limited overs cricket, they would have lost.

The Indian team adheres to the principle of a single captain for all three formats. After Dhoni retired from Tests, Kohli took over the reins of the captaincy. For a number of years, Dhoni captained limited-overs cricket. Gambhir, however, suggested that India should definitely consider the split captaincy model at present.

‘If Rohit had won five IPL titles, Kohli would not have won any of them. It doesn’t sound like Kohli is not the right captain. But both Kohli and Rohit have been captains in the IPL for equal time. In my view, Rohit stands as a leader, ”Gambhir said.

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