I had also said earlier, there is no power to win IPL 2020 in RCB: Michael Vaughan

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Royal Challengers Bangalore lost by six wickets in the match against Delhi Capitals on Monday. Even after losing this match in Abu Dhabi, she qualified for the playoffs. If the Delhi team achieves the target of 153 runs by 17.3 overs, then Bangalore’s run-rate falls short of Kolkata Knight Riders.

The team captained by Virat Kohli will face Sunrisers Hyderabad or Kolkata Knight Riders in the eliminator. If the Sunrisers team beats Mumbai Indians on Tuesday, Kolkata will be out of the playoff race.

Former England captain Michael Vaughan, however, believes that Royal Challengers Bangalore do not have the power to capture the IPL trophy by winning three consecutive matches.

Vaughan said during a conversation with Cricbuzz, ‘Can RCB’s team win this year-round IPL? I said in the beginning, I do not think that the team overall has the power to win the title.

Von said, ‘Look, anything can happen, especially in the year 2020 when the world has completely reversed, nobody knows what will happen. Virat Kohli can bat his left hand to win his team in a difficult match but it is a very difficult task.

The former England captain said that the Bangalore team, which has lost four matches in a row, does not have enough players to perform in pressure playoffs.

Vaughan said, ‘I look at the teams and the players seriously, then find whether there are players in the Bangalore team who will be ready to play under pressure … I think the same thing goes in Bangalore’s favor He has no other option but to play aggressive cricket.

Devdutt Padikkal scored another half century but Bangalore as a team did not do well overall. Kohli and de Villiers also failed to score big.

Commenting on Virat Kohli’s Ballebaji, Vaughan said that Bangalore should win more matches.

Vaughan said, ‘Virat Kohli has become normal in 2020. He has come to know that many other players have gone through this phase. It is not that Kohli has to struggle a lot. He has scored over 400 runs and his strike rate is 122 but he is a better player than this. He is a player whose strike rate should be above 140.

Vaughan said, “He should win more matches for Bangalore but as I said he is also a human. There comes a time in everyone’s life when things do not happen easily, they are not happening as they have been doing for the last few years. It is possible that if things did not happen to them according to them, it may have affected their confidence. His mindset is not as visible as before.

Kohli has scored 460 runs in 14 matches at an average of 46 in this season of IPL. But his strike rate is 122.1 which is the lowest of the five batsmen to score the highest runs in IPL 2020.

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