Dhoni postpones poultry business due to bird flu .. That huge order is also canceled

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Former Team India captain Mahendrasingh Dhoni He temporarily postponed his poultry business. Dhoni, who hails from Bhimlanchal in Madhya Pradesh, made all the arrangements at his farm house in Ranchi for raising Kadaknath chickens. He also placed an order for Rs 2,000 crore last year. But with the rapid spread of bird flu across the country in the last few days, it seems that Dhoni has recently canceled the order.

Vinod, a poultry director from Rundipada village where Dhoni took the order, said, “As part of precautionary measures after receiving the order from Dhoni, we have prepared 2,850 Kadaknath chickens in these four months. Dhoni is scheduled to deliver 2,000 babies to the farm house on January 10. But .. in the last four or five days, a large number of those children have died. At present we have only 150 children, ”he said. Kadaknath chickens’ flesh and blood are black. These have a very low fat content.

Dhoni owns a 43-acre farmhouse in the village of Sembo on the Ring Road in Ranchi. Dhoni’s crops on 10 acres are already being exported to the UAE. Dhoni is cultivating those crops organically.