Chris Gayle: ‘If I bowl ..’ Archer old tweet goes viral

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In the match against Rajasthan Royals, Chris Gayle was out for 99. It is known that he scored a century. In this match which was held in Abu Dhabi on Friday .. before telling his teammates that he would hit a century, Mari Gayle entered the ring. But the century is ahead Jofra Archer Clean bowled this Caribbean hitter with a fantastic yorker. Chris Gayle became the first batsman to stop at 99 in the IPL twice.

Archer who kicked out Gayle .. still tweeted that Boss Chris is Gayle and paid homage to his fellow Caribbean player. The Rajasthan Royals retweeted an old tweet by Jofra after he fired the Universe boss.

The Rajasthan Royals retweeted Archer’s tweet in 2013 that “if I bowl, he will not score a century”. Archer is believed to have tweeted this in reference to the Test match between India and Australia in February 2013. But .. now the fans are shocked that this is true in the case of Gayle.

It is noteworthy that the tweets that Archer made many years ago in the past are related to the matches that are taking place now. Four sixes in a row, including 30 runs in a single over .. Most of Archer’s tweets came true. Fans are joking that Archer knows the prophecy.

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