Cheteshwar Pujara not out, Australian skipper Tim Paine clashes with umpire

On Saturday, the third day of the Sydney Test, Australian captain Tim Paine lost his temper to an umpire’s decision. When the umpire gave Cheteshwar Pujara not out during the match against India, Penn disagreed with that decision.

In the 56th over of the innings, the Australian team appealed for a catch at short leg off Nathan Lyon. Lion believed that the ball had gone from Pujara’s bat to the fielder.

On-field umpire Paul Wilson called it not out. Australian captain Tim Panay decided to take DRS on it.

Even after watching in the replay, there was no edge and the edge of the bat was not seen even from the hot spot. Due to Fielder’s standing, the camera was not even visible.

Third umpire Bruce Oxenford said after looking at the sneeometer that there is a ‘flat line’ when the ball is passing by the bat. That is, they do not see any clear evidence of the edge of the bat. For this reason, there is no reason to change the decision of the on-field umpire.

After this, Penn became very angry. They shouted, ‘Where are the hot spots? Hot spots from the other side. ‘ He was advising the third umpire that he did not spend much time looking at the leg-side camera.

Cricket Australia has posted a clip in which a slight spike is seen when the ball is passing close to Pujara’s bat. However, the third umpire did not find evidence that it was due to the ball being hit by the bat. Penn was angry about this. During this time his language was also vulgar. He was referring to continuity in the umpire’s decision.

In fact, by continuity he meant that he was dismissed from the same spike in the Melbourne Test. Penn wanted Pujara to be given out on this basis.

In the second Test match played in Melbourne, Penn was given the catch out of Rishabh Pant. Nothing was visible on the hot spot, but there was a slight spike in the sneco.

Penn said at the time, ‘My problem is not with technology. I am aware of the trend that was decided with Pujara in the first innings. I think the decision was taken very quickly. Wilson did not see enough replays to see all the evidence. ‘

The on-field umpire then said that the third umpire had made his decision and after that Penn should not say anything else.

Pen can also be fined for this act. His comment goes against the ICC’s Code of Conduct. According to sections 2.3 and 2.8, it is considered an offense to disagree with the decision of the umpire.