CEO Clarity on CSK captaincy change for IPL 2021 season

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Chennai Super Kings squat in meeting expectations for IPL 2020 season. The team has reached the playoffs every season they have played in the tournament. In the latest season, they have played 12 matches so far and won only four. With that .. the Chennai team, which was limited to the last place in the points table .. officially exited the playoff race with two matches left. From the final team selection to the performance of the senior players, there is a lot of criticism. The campaign is going on that radical changes are going to be made in the Chennai team for the IPL 2021 season. It has been reported that Dhoni is also being dropped from the captaincy in this order. But .. Chennai Super Kings CEO Kashi Vishwanathan has recently made it clear that they have no such idea.

“We are confident that Dhoni will captain the Chennai Super Kings in the IPL 2021 season. He gave Chennai three IPL titles. However .. Chennai could not qualify for the playoffs for the first time in the tournament. No team in the IPL has reached the playoffs every season they have played. But .. Chennai Super Kings have maintained that record since 2008. Now it is a mistake to want to change everything as much as fail in one season, ā€¯Kashi Vishwanathan clarified.

After the Chennai Super Kings, the match will be played against Dubai Knight Riders in Dubai on Thursday. Kings XI Punjab will play the final match against Abu Dhabi on November 1. This is the last match Chennai will play this year. Chennai hopes to win both and move up at least in the points table.

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