Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja’s brother sentenced to jail, partner was implicated in fake terror plot

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SydneyThe brother of an Australian cricketer of Pakistani origin has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison after he was proved guilty of implicating his co-worker in a fake terror plot. According to the Sydney Morning Herald report, this case is of 2018. Usman’s brother Arsalan Khwaja wrote about several attacks in a book by his colleague Mohammad Kamer Nizameddin. Arslan then gave it to his project manager at New South Wales University. When the police got involved in the case, 40-year-old Arslan made misleading statements to the police and said that he had found the book somewhere. Arslan was jealous of Kamer and for this reason he wanted to implicate him in a serious matter. Behind this jealousy was a girl, a friend of both but more close than Kamer. New South Wales District Court Judge Robert Weber said Thursday in his ruling that Arslan wrote notes about the terrorist attack in the notebook because he believed that Camer was in love with the girl and the two were soon to be married. The judge sentenced Arslan to four years and 6 months in jail, but since Arslan was in custody for the first time in 2018, he is entitled to be released on parole in June next year.

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