Cricket in fear of new variant of Kovid-19, ICC cancels Women’s World Cup qualifier

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Saturday canceled the qualifiers for next year’s Women’s One Day World Cup in Harare after a new form of COVID-19 was detected in the African region. Due to which Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh qualified on the basis of ranking. Fears have arisen around the world after the new variant was discovered in South Africa, which has led to travel bans from several African countries.

The ICC said that the decision to stop the tournament was taken based on its concerns about how the participating teams would return once the Omicron format escalates. The decision was taken during a nine-team preliminary league stage tournament that would have decided the final three qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in New Zealand, along with two additional teams for the next round of the ICC Women’s Championship.

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The ICC said in a statement, “The qualifiers will now be decided on the basis of team rankings as specified in the conditions of play of the tournament.” So Bangladesh, Pakistan and West Indies will now qualify for the tournament in New Zealand. Play between three and two scheduled matches – Zimbabwe v Pakistan and US v Thailand – had begun on Saturday but the third match of the day between West Indies and Sri Lanka could not be played after a member of the Sri Lankan team’s support staff tested positive for COVID-19. Gaya.

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ICC Tournament Head Chris Tetley said: “We are deeply disappointed to have canceled the remainder of the tournament, but due to the travel ban in several African countries imposed in such a short period of time, there was a serious risk that teams would be unable to return home.” The qualifying teams for the World Cup to be held in New Zealand from March 4 to April 3 are Australia, England, India, South Africa, New Zealand (hosts), Pakistan, West Indies and Bangladesh.

According to the statement, the number of teams in the third round of the ICC Women’s Championship (from 2022 to 2025) has been increased from eight to 10 teams comprising Australia, England, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Australia. Ireland will be there.

Cricket in fear of new variant of Kovid-19, ICC cancels Women's World Cup qualifier

Cricket in fear of new variant of Kovid-19, ICC cancels Women’s World Cup qualifier


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