‘Corona for one Delhi team’… Cancel today’s CSK match? Here is the complete information!

Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals will clash tonight in the 55th league match of the 15th season of the IPL.

Chennai Super Kings have won just 3 of their last 10 matches. On the other hand, the Delhi team has won 5 out of 10 matches and is in 5th position.

CSK Opportunity:

With a total of 10 teams playing, it is predicted that only teams with 16 points will advance to the play-off round this time. Cricket critics believe that 14 points is the time when great teams go to the playoffs. In that sense, CSK still has a playoff chance. This is only possible if there are mega wins in the next 3 matches.

Delhi Opportunity:

While the Delhi team has won 5 of 10 matches, it is forced to win three of the next 4 matches. Thus, CSK is expected to face serious challenges today.

Corona vulnerability:

In the midst of these expectations, Corona’s commitment to one of the Delhi team has caused a great stir. The corona will be tested in the morning before each match. Corona has confirmed a net bowler in a test taken on the Delhi team today.

Thus, the whole team has now gone to solitude camp. Players will have a corona test once in the evening. The match will take place if none of them are confirmed infected. Otherwise the match will be postponed. It is noteworthy that it is not likely to be canceled for any reason.