Conspiracy to ‘ruin’ BBL, UAE league offered players crores, Cricket Australia upset

New Delhi: In this era of fast cricket, T20 leagues are being organized in almost every country. Apart from the Indian Premier League to be held in India, Australia’s Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League to be held in the West Indies and Pakistan’s PSL etc. are included. One such T20 league is going to start International League (IL T20) of United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has created trouble for BBL. IL T20 has offered Australia’s top 15 players 700,000 Australian dollars (about Rs 3.82 crore) to withdraw from the Big Bash League (BBL) and play in their league, which has worried Cricket Australia (CA). Both these leagues are to be organized at the same time.

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Let us inform that the new season of BBL will be played from December 13 this year to February 4, while the first tournament of IL T20 is to be played from January 6 to February 12. This makes it impossible for Australian players to join both leagues. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, at least 15 Australian players have been offered 7 million Australian dollars to withdraw from the Big Bash League and play in the UAE league.

According to the current central contract of Australia’s top players, no player can be forced to play in the BBL. David Warner did not play in this league in 2014. The BBL’s highest ever payout went to Darcy Short at US$258,000 (370,000 Australian dollars).

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This amount is much less compared to what Australian players have been paid in the Indian Premier League (IPL). But with IPL league owners also investing in T20 leagues in the UAE and Cricket South Africa, Cricket Australia will need to revise its payment structure for the BBL.

According to the newspaper, “The players in the UAE League have been offered hefty sums which are much higher than the BBL, putting Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers’ Association under pressure.”

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