Conflict between R Ashwin and umpire Nitin .. Controversy in Kanpur Test


  • New controversy in Kanpur Test
  • The umpire gave a second warning to Ashwin
  • Umpire Nitin explains Ashwin’s mistake to Ento Rahane
  • Ashwin corrected the mistake in that over

A new controversy has erupted in the ongoing Kanpur Test between India and New Zealand. Field umpire Nitin Menon objected to the manner in which Indian senior off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin bowled during the match. To this extent, umpire Nitin Menon also appeared to be complaining to interim India captain Ajinkya Rahane on the field. The three-day match in the Kanpur Test ended on Saturday. The Indian team is currently leading by 63 runs.

What actually happened? Ashwin bowled the 77th over of the innings on Saturday. Nitin Menon complained that he could not see the ball moving as soon as Ashwin came across the crease. As well as Ashwin interfering with the batsmen at the non-strike end .. he could not move forward for a single from the crease fast.

In fact, there was a scuffle between Ashwin and the field umpires on Friday while batting in the Kanpur Test. Ashwin was given a warning by the umpires after he set foot in a dangerous area on the pitch. With that .. he also set foot in the pitch danger area on Saturday .. that is why the first match commentators said that the umpire gave Nitin Menon a warning. But in the reply, it was revealed that Ashwin did not set foot in the pitch danger area. But .. field umpire Nitin Menon, he went to the batsmen at the non-strike end. Ashwin came round the wicket and bowled after Nitin Menon gave a warning in that over.


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