Can’t play with you… Why Glenn Maxwell told Virat Kohli after run out

Pune: Former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) captain Virat Kohli along with star batsman Glenn Maxwell jokingly said after being run out during IPL 2022 match against Chennai Super Kings that I can’t bat with you because you are too much. Run fast. The batting pair of Kohli and Maxwell have been involved in two run outs in the current season of IPL 2022. On both occasions, Kohli’s attempt to take a single early proved to be a loss for his partner.

In the ninth over of the match against Chennai Super Kings, Kohli tried to take a single while playing the ball but Maxwell, standing at the other end, failed to reach the crease and returned to the pavilion scoring only three runs. Earlier on April 16, in his match against Delhi, Kohli was in the middle of a single but was denied by Maxwell, which Kohli was unlucky as he had to go to the pavilion.

Maxwell jokingly told Kohli, ‘I can’t bat with you. You run very fast. You run very fast. Kohli has been involved in 40 run outs in T20, out of which he has been dismissed on 15 occasions. Especially Kohli and Maxwell pace their innings in different ways. The Australian batsman scored 62.04 per cent runs through boundaries in T20 cricket compared to Kohli’s 54.3 per cent.

Among 74 batsmen who have scored more than 5000 T20 runs, Maxwell is at 22nd in terms of runs scored by boundaries, while Kohli is at 58th. However, overall, both Kohli and Maxwell are the fastest runs between the wickets in T20 cricket, with Kohli involved in run-outs for every 120 runs, with Maxwell participating once every 138 runs. Maxwell is fourth and Kohli seventh among 30 batsmen who have scored more than 3000 runs.