BCCI Review Meeting: Shame.. Shame! Humiliated in 2 series at the hands of Bangla – BCCI review when Team India arrives!

BCCI Review Meeting: Team‌India’s series of failures has put the BCCI in more trouble. Failing miserably in the T20 semis in Australia and now losing two consecutive ODI series against Bangladesh has become a disgrace in international cricket. The board hopes to take corrective measures immediately. After returning from Bangladesh, Captain‌ Rohit‌ Sharma, former captain‌ Virat‌ Kohli, N‌CA chief‌ VVS‌ Laxman, coach‌ Rahul‌ It is known that a review will be conducted with Dravid.

Actually BCCI thought of conducting a review when the ICC lost in the T20 World Cup semis. Keeping the officials busy, the boys’ team New Zealand‌ Couldn’t go on a trip. But Bangladesh, which is ranked seventh in the world rankings, Losing two ODIs in a row at the hands has not been on the board. The fans started cursing together. ODI World Cup in another year‌ There is interest in what kind of decisions will be taken in the review. The trophy was won. 2011 World Cup‌ picked up After that the trophy was not brought in any format. “We could not meet the Indian team before the Bangladesh tour. Because at that time office‌ Bearers‌ are busy We will schedule a meeting as soon as possible after Team India returns from Dhaka. We did not expect to be defeated by Bangladesh. This is a disgraceful performance,’ said a BCCI official.

Captain‌ Rohit‌ Sharma is now 35 years old. It is not known whether he will continue in T20 cricket for many more years. As he suffers from consecutive injuries, fit‌ Nes‌ Problems have become difficult to deal with. ODI World Cup in India in 2023 will happen The board hopes to keep the hit man fresh for the mega tournament. West Indies‌ in 2024, T20 World Cup‌ will happen By then Hardik‌ BCCI is thinking of making Pandya a full-fledged T20 captain. It is informed that decisions on the change of captaincy will be taken in the review.

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