Andrew Symonds Death: Born in England, never met parents, such is the film story of Andrew Symonds reaching Australia

New Delhi: Australia’s legendary all-rounder Andrew Symonds is no more in this world. He has died in a car accident. The 46-year-old Symonds played 26 Tests, 198 ODIs and 14 T20Is for Australia, but he was never born in Australia. Symonds was born on 9 June 1975 in Birmingham, England. One of Symonds’ biological parents was Afro-Caribbean and the other was believed to be of Danish or Swedish descent.
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Did not meet biological parents
Andrew Symonds Family never met his biological parents. He was given up for adoption only after birth. He was adopted by Ken and Barbara at the age of 3 months. He told The Brett Lee Podcast last month about his adoption. To which Symonds said, ‘I’m an adopted child, so I don’t really know my biological parents. I never met him. When I was six weeks old, my parents went to the clinic and applied for adoption of a child.
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Mother told angel
Recalling the things the mother told about the adoption process, Symonds said, ‘I remember the mother telling the story that they took me home for the week. I played and cried even more. So they went back to the clinic and were asked, ‘How’s he’ and they said, ‘He’s an angel, we want to have him.’ He continued, ‘He signed all the paperwork and I became Andrew Symonds, went home with Kenneth Walter Symonds and Barbara Symonds as his son.’
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went to australia after adoption
He came to Australia a few days after his adoption. Because of his birth and background, he could have played for England or the West Indies, but Australia was always going to be his first and only choice. His first experience in cricket came from his father, who was passionate about the game. Symonds had earlier said, ‘My father was a cricket fan. He used to bowl to me five or six days a week, before school, after school.