ABP LIVE Exclusive: Religious attack on Shami ..! Kohli said there could be no worse than this

Pakistan in ICC T20 World Cup A week has passed since Team India’s defeat at hand. This humiliation is still haunting Indian fans. Match & zwnj; Mohammad & zwnj; The religious attack on Shami online was reported by the captain. Virat & zwnj; Kohli is even more disturbed & zwnj; Did. He stood by Shami during this difficult time.

Team India will take on New Zealand in their second match of the World Cup on Sunday. Venue Dubai & zwnj ;. Kohli spoke to the media at a pre-match press conference. ‘ABP Live’ shows how Shami, who was attacked religiously online, stood up. When questioned .. ‘It is inhumane to attack a person religiously. There is nothing worse than this. Everyone has the freedom to express their views on a particular event. But do not hurt others. I do not tolerate discrimination in terms of religion. Religion is a personal matter for everyone, “said Kohli.

‘People are expressing their frustration and frustration! They do not know how we are personally. They did not understand how hard we worked on the field. They did not understand how many matches Mohammad Shami’s team had won for India over the years. Jaspreet & zwnj; Along with Bumrah, he is a key bowler for us. It has a huge impact on the game, “said Kohli.” Shami, I, and everyone else on the team should take note of such comments. We are totally in favor of him. This & zwnj; online & zwnj; The attack does not disrupt the brotherhood and friendship of the team at all. As a captain, I can say for sure that our team culture is very good, “said Kohli.

Jaspreet & zwnj; Asked if the burden of taking wickets on Bumra was too much .. ‘Bumra is a key bowler for Team India in all three formats. Along with him we have important bowlers. Truth be told the expectations on him are high. But his burden is shared by other bowlers. Pak & zwnj; We were unable to execute our plans side by side during the match. We have quality cricketers. We can beat any team in the world, ”said Virat. Clarified.


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