A chemical engineer is the wife of a veteran player, work is to develop nuclear technology, money also rains because of beauty!

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At this time many footballs around the world are celebrating holidays. Be it Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar and or Lionel Messi, all have gone somewhere with their families. Brazil and Manchester United’s star midfielder Fred is also doing something similar. Fred is celebrating a vacation in Brazil with his wife Monique Salum.

Let us tell you that the pictures of Fred’s wife Monique Salam are becoming very viral on social media. Even if it is not, Monique is so beautiful that anyone who sees her pictures keeps looking.

Let us tell you that Monique Salam is a chemical engineer by profession. Born in Brazil, Monique works to develop nuclear technology. He is a big name in the industry.

Monique Salam is very talented as well as very beautiful. She does modeling in her spare time and gets paid a lot for it. Monique has more than 2 lakh followers on Instagram.

Monique loves to celebrate holidays. She is fond of buying luxury things and at the same time her lifestyle is also of a very high standard. Even if her husband Fred has a contract of more than 57 crores with Manchester United and she herself earns a lot.

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