Una: One more body of missing fishermen found at sea, search for 6 continues


  • The body of another missing fisherman was found from Una port in Una
  • Operation still underway to search for 6 fishermen off the coast of Una
  • The fishermen were missing when the boat was anchored on the jetty

Unao As many as 50 boats and 12 fishermen anchored at the jetty from Una’s Nawabbandar were stranded in the water. Four sailors were immediately rescued by locals. Apart from this, after one more body was found yesterday, another body has been found today i.e. 6 fishermen are still missing. The search is on. Cyclonic circulation was created near the coast of Gujarat due to which fishermen are still not allowed to plow the sea. Apart from this, other people coming to the beach have also been advised to stay safe.

The body of a fisherman named Ramubhai Devabhai has been found. Details are being received that the body was found late at night. Due to bad weather, plowing of seas was earlier advised by the meteorological department. A search operation was conducted by NDRF and Coastguard teams to find the missing fishermen at sea. The investigation was started by equipment including helicopters.

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Giving information about this, Rajdeep Singh Gohil, Collector, Gir Somnath, said that a search operation has been carried out by the Coast Guard and NDRF team in which the bodies of two fishermen have been found. Divers are also being called in to help find the missing fishermen. The collector also said that the boat was anchored at the jetty with fishermen aboard and the boat capsized due to high waves and the fishermen went missing.

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The fishing industry is still told not to plow the seas until December 5. Apart from this, coupons for fishermen will also not be issued. Apart from this, it has been suggested that no one should go for a walk on the beach.


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