Two more cases of Omicron were reported in Jamnagar, the patient’s wife and brother-in-law tested positive

Jamnagar: Two more cases of Omicron variant have been registered in Jamnagar. According to the information received, the health department is running after an elderly man from Zimbabwe in Jamnagar was found to be infected with omicron after his omicron variant of corona virus was confirmed. The total number of variants in the state has now reached 3 with two more cases in Omicron and all the three cases have been registered in Jamnagar.

3 cases of Omicron in Gujarat, all three from Jamnagar
According to media reports, the corona report of two persons who came in contact with a person from Zimbabwe in Jamnagar who was reported to be Omicron variant was positive. So they were sent to a sample lab to see if they were infected with the Omicron variant, which also showed that both of these individuals had Omicron. The two were admitted to the isolation ward of GG Hospital after Corona’s report came back positive.

Confirmation of Omicron variant in patient’s wife and brother-in-law
According to information received last week, other members of the elderly family had a negative test. But after re-examination of nine people in close contact with him, his 45-year-old wife, who accompanied him from Zimbabwe, reportedly tested positive. Besides, the 35-year-old brother-in-law who came to pick him up at Ahmedabad airport also tested positive. After which the Omicron variant has now been confirmed in both.

The Omicron virus was confirmed in an elderly man from Zimbabwe
It may be mentioned that the first case of Omicron variant of Corona virus was reported in Jamnagar in Gujarat. According to the information received, the 72-year-old man who came to Gujarat from Zimbabwe on November 28 received a positive report from Corona on December 2. Samples were sent to the lab at Pune showing suspicious symptoms of the suspected Omicron during the investigation. A review meeting was called by the collector and health department as well as the CM after the Omicron variant was confirmed in the elderly.

After the first case of Omicron variant of Covid-19 was reported in Gujarat, the number of persons suspected to be infected with the virus in the state, especially in the Saurashtra belt, has been steadily increasing.


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