The professor from Rajkot arrived in Rajkot to meet the students instead of being quarantined


  • In Rajkot, the professor showed negligence by breaking the quinting rule
  • Returning from the UK, the professor arrived at the university to meet the students
  • Strict action may be taken against Saurashtra University professor DG Kuberkar

Rajkot: The number of patients infected with Omicron variant has increased to 23 across the country, including one in Gujarat. In this case, after checking the passengers coming from abroad, whether their report is positive or negative, they have to be quarantined for seven days. However, the Rajkot professor, who has returned from the UK, has broken the quarantine rule and reached the university.

The negligence shown by the professor of Saurashtra University in Rajkot is being questioned. Professor DG Kuberkar was supposed to be quarantined as per the guidelines but he reached out to meet the students at the university when the report came negative. According to the guidelines, even after the arrival of a foreigner, even if the report is negative, quarantine is mandatory due to high risk.

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Will any action be taken against the professor?

According to local media reports, Professor Kuberkar reached out to meet the students instead of following the guidelines as his report was negative. There are rumors that he has endangered the lives of students by doing so. Now it remains to be seen what allegations are being made by the local administration against Professor DG Kuberkar for his negligence.

While the wrong step has been taken by the teacher who is working to show the right path to the students, people are also questioning whether any action will be taken against Professor Kuberkar by the Rajkot Municipal Corporation in this matter. Importantly, reports will be made again after seven days of this professor and if there are any changes during this time, the students and staff who have come in contact with the professor will also be quarantined.

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The first two cases of Omicron were reported in Karnataka in India, followed by one in Jamnagar, Gujarat. This was followed by Maharashtra, Jaipur and Delhi with the highest number of 10 cases in Maharashtra and 9 in Jaipur. Apart from this, samples have been sent for genome sequencing of suspected cases.


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